Thursday, March 10, 2011

Overalls Card - Template Pattern

For Father's Day last year I created this card:

Since then I have had many people ask me for the pattern for the overalls. I just now figured out how to use my scanner so I am attempting to post the pattern that I drew up so you can try one! Here it is, I hope it works for you!

I included the measurements so if you needed to draw the template you could. When I made the pattern for my card I drew the template out on a piece of regular paper, then folded it in half to cut the arm holes so they were even on both sides. After you do that then you can trace the pattern on a sturdier piece of cardstock to keep as your main pattern. Hope you enjoy it! If you make a card using th epattern, post a comment & link to your card I would love to see it! Have a great night - Laura

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Carrie Sampsel

How cute and creative. Thanks for sharing the pattern. I'm your newest follower from the SC discussion. I'm #344 on the list. Thanks for sharing.


brilliant.. thanks a mil for the tip

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