Sunday, June 10, 2012

My Sunday Shares - June 10th

Good Afternoon Stampers!

Hope you enjoyed your weekend...mine is just starting so I treated myself to sleeping in this morning :) You have to do that every now and then I think! I have a LOOOONG list of things I need to get done around the house today...mow the yard, dishes, laundry, dust...well you get the jist of my day...all of the not so fun house chores...BUT after I am done I am going to go play in my stamp studio...I am looking forward to THAT!

Today's shares will be a little different. I didn't have much time this week to look around the galleries or do my company searches so I decided today to share some cool you tube videos that I have in my "favorites" with you, instead of cards today.

Today's videos are all created by Darlene Devries of She posts a new video on you tube about every Wednesday. I was searching around about creating with copics on you tube one day and came across this video she did. I loved the look of her card using copic markers on patterened paper. She uses Stampin Up! supplies but you could easily use any light colored scrapbook designer papers or stamps for this technique.


The second video I want to share with you is one about creating a card using multiple embossing powders. This card is really pretty! Not only does this video have a beautiful also had a COOL TIP on how to create smaller frames with your layer dies. Doing this doubles the sizes of layers you can get out of your layer dies!!


I thought the idea of tracing the outside of your die and then cutting it out with your scissors was genius. You can get 2 sizes of layers for each die! This would work with many die brands too. Perfect for when you want just a very subtle layer.

This last video I will share with you really showcases the way Darlene colors with her copics. I really loved this method and thought that it is a great way for beginners to achieve the professional looking blends with copics. This card that she creates using a Hero Arts cupcakes set showcases this coloring style perfectly. Plus I love cupcakes :)


I hope you enjoyed today's shares. If you want to check out Darlene's other videos...and believe me she has a LOT of great ones... you can visit her you tube channel - darlene003

We will be starting to stock the copic markers at Loves Rubberstamps soon! YAY! I am excited for that! Hero Arts is also on our list of suppliers that we will be adding in the future too :)

Happy Stampin Everyone!

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