Friday, December 21, 2012

Cutest Elf Ever!

Good afternoon stampers!

Well we survived the blizzard here in Iowa and the world didn't end yet - both of which are good things! It has been quite the last few days! A huge THANK YOU to Holly for stepping in and doing the blog post for me yesterday! Writing a blog post from my cell phone would not have been fun! Plus my phone LOVES to change words being the smart phone that it who knows what crazy things would have ACTUALLY posted - LOL! Could have been quite entertaining!

Wednesday night when the snow and blizzard started it was just a very heavy, wet, snow that was coming down super fast, but there wasn't really much wind or anything. After it snowed for about 2 hours we started getting thundersnow, which we haven't had for a long time. It was lightning a lot and it was super super bright. The thunder was super loud too. Basically it sounded and looked like a massive thunderstorm but we were getting snow instead. Thundersnow means you're going to get a LOT of it and fast! We ended up getting about 12" total. After we got about 7" the winds started and we were having sustained winds of 30 - 40 mph with gusts to 55 for all of Thursday into last night. So that was creating white outs and snapping tree branches and power lines since they were so weighted down with the heavy snow.

It is super calm today but also extremely cold with all this snow! Today will be spent trying to find our front door - LOL - since it is buried in drifts. Its good that we can get out through the garage! I took a few pictures to share but I need to get some new batteries for the camera first. Needless to say, my husband received a very nice Christmas present... a new snowplow blade for his truck AND a new snowblower...because after I had to help him shovel the driveway & sidewalk Wednesday night after the first 6 inches and the winds started....I was NOT doing that again - LOL! As heavy as this snow is, when the plows come through and put 3 foot high piles at the end of your driveway...yeah... I was not shoveling THAT!

My husband was supposed to be getting the blade put on his truck today. I can only assume he has and is now out snowplowing the entire state of Iowa to test it out because he is not answering his cell phone - LOL! Boys and their new toys! Oh well...saves me from having to shovel which was worth every penny!

Now onto what you really stop here for... to see today's inspirational card! Today is Friday which means it is a Holly-Day!

This is one of my FAVORITE Christmas stamps this season! This is Christmas Elf Marci from La La Land! Holly did a super cute job coloring her up! I always love the super rosy cheeks that Holly does on her La La characters! Makes you want to just want to pinch them - LOL! I love this simple layout and the minimal embellishments because this cutie doesn't need much for accents - this is such a great stand alone image. I love those adorable designer papers too!

Hope you have a Happy Holly-Day today! I will be busy here packing some orders to try and get to the post office before they close today because the mail hasn't been delivered or picked up since Tuesday with the weather. I will also be catching up on emails too. 

Be safe this weekend - especially if your traveling!

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Holly AKA KopyKat

You are so welcome, any time. Thanks for loving my girls cheeks! Hope you guys can unburry yourselves soon!!! Have fun in the snow and have a great weekend!!!

Tammy (LaDiva)

I LOVE La La Land stamps! Beautiful card!! Merry Christmas xox
Tammy at Créations LaDiva :) xx

P.S. I have some candy on my blog, you are more than welcome to join and thank you if you already have ☺

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