Thursday, December 20, 2012

Let's Chill

Hi There Happy Stampers.  Laura's power is currently out due to the weather and so I am subbing for today's post.  How is the weather in your neck of the woods?  Want to know something funny?  I live in California and just the past two days it has dipped down to freezing.  This morning it took a whole 15 minutes for my window to defrost enough ice so I could mostly see, lol.  I was all upset about that until I thought about the weather in the rest of the country, lol.  So then I felt a bit more thankful.  Also my heat has been out for week and the part was on order....You can only imagine what a spoiled Californian does to handle a little bit of cold weather, lol.   I came home from work tonight to find it fixed!!!  I am so happy to be comfortable again in my own home.  We've got it blasting now, lol.

Today is my super talented co-designer - Ceal's day for the Thursday Inspiration post.  And what an adorable card she has made for you. 

Isn't this so cute?  I love the red and kraft colors she used and the fabulous embossing with this Paper Smooches set called Swanky Snowdudes.  This set is going to be so great for Christmas and Winter cards, along with all your winter scrapbooking needs.  I also love the twine she added to the top.   I don't know about you, but I can never have enough snowmen for all the scrapbooking I think I am going to get done, lol.

Have you seen the NEW items in the store?  If not, you will want to head on over and make yourself a list.  I'm sure there are some after the Holly-Days gifts you'll want to get yourself.  You deserve the reward, after all the shopping, cooking and preparing you did for everyone else, right?  Well that's my story and I'm sticking to it, lol.  And remember, if there is a company line that Laura carries, but you don't see a particular item in the store you are looking for, simply send her off an email and she will be happy to let you know when she can get that for you.  Just as soon as her power is back up and running. 

Also to remind you, there is plenty of time to play in our current Challenge for a chance to win some fabulous prizes.  It's all about the Holidays - whatever you are celebrating this season. 

Okay, enjoy this inspirational card and have a great evening and come back tomorrow, I may be posting my own card, lol.  Hope your power comes on again soon Laura!!!


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Laura Love

Thanks for doing the post today Holly! Typing from my phone is not fun! We are in part of the hardest hit parts of Iowa for the blizzard. Had about 12" of heavy wet snow last night and winds all day of 30 to 40 mph gusts to 55, so we have been having white outs all day. Winds are finally starting to die down some. I will take some pics so my warm weather friends can see what they are missing :)

Laura Love

Super cute card today from Ceal and so perfect for our blizzard here lol

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