Monday, May 13, 2013

Monday Inspiration

Hello Stampers,

Holly here filling in for Laura today.  Welcome to the Monday Inspiration Post.  Today Olivia is sharing a ON WALK Little Winged Friends Collection from Bildmalarna and she colored them so fabulous with her Copic Markers.  I love the bottle cap with matching paper she used and a small tag.  The colors are so great. 

I plan on buying some of these little Bildmalarna stamps myself, and I know Laura is going to get more in stock soon.   In fact, I know she told me she has oodles of new things to put in the store and she is going to work on shipping orders in the next couple days as well. 

How was your Mother's Day?  Mine was fabulous.  A friend of  mine found me a dog in an L.A. Shelter and this gal drove all the way to Bakersfield to drop him off today.  Would you like to see the new Love of my Life? 

OMGosh he is so FLUFFY and CUTE!!!  I think he might be a mixed breed with Westie and Yorkie.  He has the Westie personality and I love him so already.  I cannot believe how fortunate I was to find one and a rescue dog makes it even sweeter.  They named him Archie, so I call him Archie Bunker!  He is fiercely independent, loves scratchy's, and has already established himself among the pack.  We have two other dogs.  He is no bigger than a minute and yep, he is the new Alpha, lol.   I have been waiting over 10 years to find a Westie and this was the perfect Mother's Day gift to me.   

I hope you all have a great day and will swing by our Challenge Blog to see what we all have made for the new challenge tomorrow. 



Laura Love

Gorgeous Olivia! What a total sweetie Holly - just like his new Momma! Thank you so much for filling in for me while we are dealing with all this craziness!

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