Friday, August 16, 2013

Miss You!

Happy Holly-Day Friday!
Well what's left of it, lol.  Sorry for the late post, I just got off work and let me tell you, this week has been super busy.  My Grandson came to live with me while his mother is away for school, and we had a heck of a time getting him registered for school.   Our Son is an intradistrict transfer student at a school across town where my Husband works. It's one of the better schools in town and we have had nothing but success these past years.  He's going into the fifth grade this year.  So of course we wanted to enroll our Grandson in the same school, but there was a waiting list, and then we were told the waiting list was being held until three weeks after school started.  So we had to register him at the local neighborhood school and jump through all their hoops.  Then we had to figure out the daycare system and get him ready to go there for before and after school.   Yesterday the School my Son attends called and said my Grandson was accepted.  So then we were scrambling around to get that taken care of and of course the daycare doesn't have any openings and has a waiting list to get in, lol.  Lucky for us, there is a very prestigious daycare right up the block from that school and it will only cost us an arm and leg to enroll him there, lol.   But you know what?  He is worth it!
So this weekend we are going to run out and get two backpacks and two pair of shoes.  I already have pencils and a few other supplies.  I am waiting for that list the teacher sends home of the things they want their students to have for their class.  Then I will run out and get the rest of the school supplies.  It's been over 100 here all summer and will continue to be in the 100's until mid Sept or early October, so I always wait to get new jeans and long sleeve shirts when the weather changes.  I am never sure what size to get for winter in the big "back to school" rush at the mall.  So they start with a new shirt and shoes and wear those short pants they have been wearing all summer.   I always pick up a few things each month so that there is no huge "need" all at the same time.  It works better for me that way. 
How about you?  Are you already for School to start? 
I did make this little telephone Marci card and decided to stay with the Challenge theme this week.  I had seen these colors used on Delphine's Blog.  So I wanted to try them out.  I really haven't used that many different colors for hair, so I am having a ball using fun colors. 
I hope you have a chance to join us in our weekly Challenge - Hair of a different color.  You also want to check out the newest members of our team while you are there.  Oh and if you haven't see the new Tiddly Inks and Some Odd Girls that Laura has listed in the New Items, go check them out!  I'm getting ready to pick up a few myself! 
Thanks for Looking in on us today!  Have a great weekend!


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