Monday, April 28, 2014

Totes Ma Goats

Happy Holly-Day Monday!

I guess Totes Ma Goats means being overly excited and trying to act cool, lol.   Well there is one thing for sure, this little goat is ADORABLE!!!  I used to live on a farm in Oregon when I was a kid, for a spell, and we had a goat who gave birth to a kid.  I thought it was very cute, but my Sister absolutely loved these goats.  So I thought I would make up a whole mess of cards from this set just for her.

SugarPea Designs - Totes Ma Goats
Doodlebug Design 6x6 - Springtime

I don't think Laura has added the newest SugarPea sets, but I do know she is ordering them about once a month, so if you shoot her an email and ask her to add this set, I'm sure she would be happy to order it for you when her next order comes in.  This means it might be a couple weeks or so before you get it, but you will get it.   This is what the complete set looks like.


I have seen some seriously cute cards made with this set, so I was happy to pick up mine in a hurry. 

There is still one more day to play in our Fancy Folds Challenge.  I have seen some amazing folds that I cannot wait to try out!   You may also want to check out the New Items in the store!

Thanks for Looking in on us today.




Love your card! This set is just too cute!! tfs Patricia B

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