Saturday, September 20, 2014

Temporary Closing

This is a message from Laura she put on the Challenge Blog.  We will be back, stronger and better than ever before.

Hi Stampers and Friends - 

My heart is breaking as I type this post and there is no easy way to announce this but I have had to make the tough decision to temporarily close our store.

We had to leave town unexpectedly August 17th for a family emergency with my Father-In-Law who ended up passing away on Sept 2nd. We will be laying him to rest this coming Saturday, September 20th. 

While we were gone I fell very far behind in shipping orders and in emails. I did not think it was right to take on any more orders until I could get the orders that we have outstanding shipped or refunds issued so I decided to temporarily shut down the store until I can catch up with things. 

I am hoping to have the majority of orders shipped or refunds issued by September 30th. If something changes with that date I will post it on our store's front page.

Emails will take me significantly longer to get through at last glance I had close to 2300 emails to sort through. I will be focusing on orders shipping and refunds issued first before emails.

After I get caught up with shipping, I plan on taking some time to spend with family as this has been a very emotional and stressful time for us.

Before I re-open the store, I will be ensuring that we have better resources in place to handle situations like these better in the future. I will also be restructuring the store and our product line offerings so that when we do re-open we will come back better than ever :)

During the time our store is temporarily closed, you will still be able to browse our products and pages on the store website, you will just not be able to make any purchases. Once I have a better time frame on when we will re-open, I will post it on the store's front page.

While our store is temporarily closed, I will also be discontinuing this challenge blog as well as the store inspiration blog. Once I get caught up with things and the store re-opens, we will consider re-starting the blogs at that time. 

I know with the last few challenge winners, I still need to get your prizes to you and I will do so as quick as I possibly can. I have not forgot about you and I am sorry that it is taking so long for me to get to these emails and get you your prize codes.


Thank you for your understanding, we look forward to seeing you when we reopen.  

Holly and the Design Team. 


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