Monday, February 9, 2015

Follow Your Heart

Hi Friends and Stampers,

Sorry I am a bit late today sharing my inspiration, That  whole day late and a dollar short thing really is applying here, lol.  I did make a card the other day for today, but that whole, getting a picture and posting thing seemed a bit difficult to do, lol.

This was a quick and easy card.  I offset the sentiment and stamped it twice.   At first the black color didn't really seem to fit.  Then I tried it in Red and it seemed to disappear in the hearts and then came the ah ha moment and I offset them and it worked for me, lol.

Love is in the air and Valentines Day is looming on us.  I have been having some serious discussions with my husband about how every day life seems to take us away from who we are and what we want out of our relationship.  I know Valentines Day is a big commercial Holly-Day that drives men out for flowers and candy and couples flock out to restaurants for dinner.  Sometimes there are proposals, sometimes weddings, sometimes jewelry is involved.   But for couples who have been together as long as me and my hubby, it's a reminder not to celebrate and nurture the relationship for just a day, but rather most days of the year.  So that's what we have decided to do.   And that's why there is no set path, you just need to follow your heart.

On a totally different note today, have you heard of Bubby Everson?  He has terminal CMV and is celebrating his ninth birthday this month.   He loves getting mail and cards and even looks through the junk mail.   His parents say he loves stickers and they let him stick them everywhere.  Here is the article.   I made Bubby a card as well.

If you want to send Bubby a card or stickers, or both, here is his address:

Bubby Everson
P.O. Box 1142
Graham, Washington

Okay that's all I got today, lol.   I'll see you again next week.  Please be sure to look at the New Items Laura has added to the store, as well as our Challenge Blog

Thanks for checking in on me today, 



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