Monday, February 23, 2015

Mixed Media Clouds

Hi Friends and Stampers,

Happy Holly-Day Monday.  I hope your week is off to a good start!!!  Today is my day to show you some inspiration.    Mixed media has always fascinated me.   It's not really my style but I used to do a lot of it in Grade School, lol.  I have been inspired by others incorporating their mixed media into their cute and whimsical styles, so I thought I would have a go at it.

MFT BB - Some Bunny
Wink of Stella Clear

For the clouds, I used a Cloud Stencil.   I used a Gelatos Blue and mixed in some Light Modeling Paste.  I used the the tools from the mix and match Gelatos Tool Set. 

(Pay no attention to the back ground creative clutter!) You can see I literally took the cap off the Gelatos and like a crayon, I marked on my my re-usable non-stick craft sheet.  (Which, by the way, I saw on another blog that someone had purchased a craft mat and taped on their non-stick craft sheet and just uses it for her mixed media and other projects.  That way it does not roll and you can pull it out any time you need to use it.  I LOVE this.)    Then I used the spatula and took out a glob of the light modeling paste.    Then I just mixed them together with the other mixing tool brush.  Then I placed the stencil over the paper and applied the mixture to the paper with the mixing tool brush.  And then I set it aside to let it dry.   I checked back in a couple hours and it was dry.   When I push down on it, it is hard but not the brittle breakable kind of hard, so I would feel comfortable sending this in the mail.  I was very pleased with the texture it added to the clouds and to the card.   Something different.

And since I had ALL those Gelato Colors out:

I decided to see if I could water color the images I used.

And I did.  Again, I colored onto my non-stick sheet, used an old cheap paint brush and added drops of water to the colors and mixed with the same brush.  For darker areas, I dabbed the brush in water, tipped some of the water off and then picked up the color off the sheet and applied it to the image.   It was so fun and easy.   As you can see, I decided to change the color of the basket after I snapped this picture.  

From the Gelatos mixed set above, you can see that there is a couple sponges.  I took a sponge and picked up some of the Gelato and water mixture and then sponged the designer paper and the white paper around the edges to add some dimension. 

I had a lot of fun with this one!  I will be breaking out the Gelatos again and again.  I would like to add some more mediums to stash.  Laura has a few in her store that I am going to be picking up soon. 

GESSO JAR 100ml from Faber-Castell

GLAZE JAR 100ml from Faber-Castell

WHIPPED SPACKLE JAR 100ml from Faber-Castell
Whipped Spackle

Just to name a few.  Here are the Faber-Castell products that she carries.

Thanks for checking in on me.




Looks like you had lots of fun Holly!!
HUgs Blankina

Dangina Martinez

I Love It! Your mixed media technique turned out beautifully! Love all the awesome products used!

Dawn Louise

Fabulous, you done a great job introducing mixed media into your card. Brilliant x

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