Monday, May 25, 2015

The Ride

Hi Friends and Stampers,

Happy Holly-Day Memorial Day, (in the states).  I hope your day is going well and full of fun and exciting things.  It's my day to show you some inspiration.

This will be a great card to give someone who is going away for a long Vacation. I love playing with my dies and they are so fun to put together.  In this case, I die-cut out two, one in Kraft and one in black and then I used the black for a shadow effect and added the dots and such to fill in with black. The paper did most of the work for me and I just stamped on the words right onto the designer paper.  
Who is going on a fun vacation this summer?  I love watching House Hunters on TV and pretty much just keep that station going all the time.  When I get the TV that is, lol.  They usually show some of the city and fun spots to go to, so for me, it's like planning a get away, if only in my mind, lol.  Most of my Vacations are Stay-Cations when the boys are home from School.  Sometimes they are family events, but usually to the same destinations we have been to.  Occasionally we get a long weekend at the Beach.  I don't mind Stay-Cations though, this is where all my toys are.  

We also love to go to the movies.  This weekend, we went to see, Tomorrowland.  LOVED it.  The lady at the ticket booth gave my son a pin and told him, "You are lucky, this was the very last one."  We didn't even know the relevance until we saw the show.  On the way out, he did say something to the effect of, "If I could go there, I would invent something that would clean our house."  OMGosh we laughed so hard.  Secretly, he did take the pin out of the packaging though, lol.   

I hope you have had a chance to play in our current Challenge - Black and White with a touch of color.   If you haven't had a chance to check out the New Items in the store, you are going to be so excited to see what the Newest company added is. 

Thanks for checking in on me. 



Dangina Martinez

Oh My Goodness! This is stunning! Your die cuts are gorgeous in the kreft and black! Love it!

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